Where the metal weight equipment which is difficult and dangerous to use makes the Suples Training System pinner in the Fitness Industry. From the word of the mouth and the athletes results the Suples Training System become an interesting
functional tools for combat athletes; wrestling, Judo, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, MMA but for fitness enthusiasts who are looking for new functional training tools to build strength and energy every day. Proven workout that guarantees results, incorporates a functional, interval, cardio and circuit training system. Healthy Sustainable fat burn, Muscle Toning and weight loss.
Come and try this class with the training equipment.

– Gladiator Wall

– H.I.R.T.S – High Intensity Rope Training System

– Bulgarian Bag

– Suples Ball and Fit Bell



Don’t waste your time in the other workouts, you are welcome to transform your body with us.
You will burn around 1000 calories per class.

ONE class,


wall Belts

This training tool is specifically designed for the Gladiator Wall and gives you many ideas for different pulling and pushing exercises. Along with those, the Gladiator Belts will help you train your abs.

For those who enjoy regular pull-ups and chin ups, but are having a hard time due to lack of strength, the Gladiator Wall Belts will help you gradually build your strength. For those who are looking for challenging variations of pull-ups, the Gladiator Belts can do that as well.

drum pulley

This unique training device is designed to be an essential accessory for the Gladiator Wall.

Based on friction resistance, the workouts for upper body and interval training are very effective. The ability to weave the rope and change the resistance makes this training tool very user friendly. The Gladiator Wall Drum Pulley Friction is beneficial to all athletes of any age or fitness level.

H.I.R.T.S.® Speed

H.I.R.T.S. Speed is a very important element of the entire H.I.R.T.S. trainer. The training focuses mostly on the legs. Sprinting, jumping, squatting, lunging, and some other lower body exercises are the signature exercises of this element of the H.I.R.T.S trainer. Designed mostly for lower body work outs, the H.I.R.T.S. Speed element is also very useful with upper body exercise when using the strap handles. H.I.R.T.S. Speed is your cardio training tool with the H.I.R.T.S. trainer.

suples ball

The Suples Ball is a unique idea that came after the original Bulgarian Bag. Ivan Ivanov found that there were certain movements that he was inspired to implement into his workouts that he couldn’t quite perform on the Bulgarian Bag Original. For example: the under arm swing, a variety of different slams and some other dynamic movements.

The Suples Ball allows new movements and exercises that increase your strength while giving you an intense cardio workout. Their movable handles also allow you to use the Suples Ball as a traditional medicine ball.

Dip Bar

The Dip Bar is designed to be mounted to the Gladiator Wall. The training allows you to do regular dips and dips with your feet still on the floor. The Dip Bar provides great chest, shoulder and abs training. The Dip Bar is made to fit athletes with different shoulder width. Each athlete can easily set the dip bar to the most convenient shoulder or chest width. Holds up to 350 lbs. weight. Easy to remove from the Gladiator Wall.

Fit Bell

The new extraordinary Foeldeak Leather Bell made by Suples can be used everywhere! The traditional kettlebell is a crude iron ball with a handle attached to it. Falling with a weight of 35 or 52 pounds to the floor – or worse, onto your foot during exercise will not happen with the Leather Bell. Made with five mm thick leather, highly tear-resistant fabric, metal fragments and Kevlar, guarantee absolute safety with similar flight and throw qualities of a traditional kettle bell. At home on the third floor, in a hotel room, or even barefoot on the beach the Leather Bell is always with you.